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Skill building for Inclusion and Equity: Welcoming All of Us with Victoria Pearson and Claire Wheeler

Have you found yourself in meetings where only specific parts of yourself were welcome?  Do you want to be part of inclusive movement spaces, but aren’t quite sure where to start? As part of the ongoing work of the Racial Justice Working Group of the Vermont Climate Union, this 6 hour training on naming, facilitating, and holding the work of accountability will be held to train folks wanting to be process observers in their meeting spaces. In this training, we will make the case for addressing inclusion and exclusion in our movement spaces, build our awareness of how white supremacy culture and other unstated norms show up in our progressive movements, gain new skills for noticing and naming when these dynamics show up, and practice supportive reflection for folks who want to take on this role. All are welcome!


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about Victoria Pearson 

Victoria Pearson lives in East Montpelier, building community, farm, family, and healing and retreat for change makers, at Open Way Farm. Her current facilitation and training work is as a Capacity Building Training Partner with Co-Creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations( ) in New Haven, Connecticut, “ supporting community-serving movements and organizations in effectively living out their core mission and values along with the three key CEIO values expressed as conscious co-creation, inclusiveness and social/economic justice.” Victoria’s current organizing work is with central Vermont Showing Up for Racial Justice, and she has been involved in interfaith, lgbtq, homelessness, prison, non violence, and environmental organizing in the past.


about Claire Wheeler

Claire Wheeler is a specialist in strategic design and stewardship for nonprofits, community-based businesses and individuals. Her passion is to translate the creative genius of people into the systems and structures that make meaning and dismantle stress at work. Before starting Re:work, Claire worked for ten years as a program director and administrator in the environmental non-profit sector. She has also earned her keep by knocking on doors, harvesting vegetables, and selling kites. She finds power in prose & splendor in spreadsheets.